How to Store Wine

  • 1. Keeping it in the dark.
  • • Exposing to direct sunlight, fluorescent lights, UV rays can be harm the structure and will create unpleasant smell and taste of the wines.

  • 2. Store the bottles on the side.
  • • This prevent the corks from drying and eventually stop the air from entering the bottle, spoiling the wines.

  • 3. Keep Temperature consistent.
  • • Wine storage temperature should not be above 24°C for a long period as the wines will oxidise overtime. Ideally, the temperature for various wines in the storage should be between 12°C - 16°C. This is where a good wine storage comes in.

  • 4. Do not move the wines.
  • • Store them in a way you don't have to move many bottles in order to reach a bottle to drink.

  • 5. Keep the humidity around 70-75°C.
  • • This keeps the cork from drying. Use humidifying techniques like a small container of water, if needed.

  • 6. Isolate the Wine.
  • • Remember that wine "breathes". Do not store wine with other substance that emit strong smell. The smell will penetrate the corks and taints the wines.